Lovejoy Concerts

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Lovejoy Concerts - Safely Reopening Together

July 3, 2020

LaRhonda Steele - 4:30 pm
DTW - 7:45 pm 

As we all move forward with our lives and our new normal with an ever-changing environment, the way we socially interact with each other may have been altered but the need for this interaction has not.  In phase 1 of the state's reopening, we need to thoughtfully, carefully, and creatively restart these activities so that we can fulfill this need for human interaction.  The event sponsors feel the Lovejoy Market patio is a perfect space for the first socially distant concert in Portland, and we're looking at every angle to ensure guest and staff safety while enjoying an amazing night of music.  Please join us for the Lovejoy Concerts - "Safely Reopening Together" where we can celebrate an early independence day, and take steps forward in the battle against the CoronaVirus.
21 & Over
Tikcet Non-Refundable

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