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  • Working with has been refreshing. Ticket setup is fast and easy. The staff is knowledgeable and operates in a cloud of earnest good cheer and concern for the quality of your experience. wants to keep your business and grow its business along with your dreams. We are not a big money client for them. Our organization is non-profit. We focus on bringing the highest quality musicians to our modest beach town to enchant locals, part-timers, and travelers while raising money in support of Music Education and Visual Arts in our local schools. First time out of the gate we received payment 3 days after the event concluded. It was wildly successful. So thank you You’re all keepers!

    Sara Zaga Ticket Coordinator of the Water Music Society

  • Our shows went great these past two weekends and ticket sales went smoothly as well. I really appreciate how easy Ticket Tomato is to use and how responsive and helpful you all have been!

    Kelsey Adams Wild Rumpus Jazz Company

  • Never before has ticketing a show been so easy! Sites I’ve used before are strictly digital with no real human to speak to for troubleshooting.  Ticket Tomato is VERY much real, efficient, communicative, generous and available!  She also went above and beyond to help spread the word about our show to her extensive network.  I am so grateful!

    Shoshana Bean Broadway Performer and Recording Artist

  • Our ticketing company for the past 10 years, Ticket Tomato has been thorough, responsive, and ever willing to go the extra mile; our attendees rave about its customer service.  With its extensive background in all aspects of concert production and promotion, TT has been far more than just a fabulous ticketing partner, providing the festival invaluable input on marketing strategy, talent lineup, social media and production as well as ticketing/pricing.  We can't speak highly enough of Ticket Tomato, the company has been a joy to work with.

    Peter Dammann, Artistic Director Waterfront Blues Festival