NW Film Center & Portland Art Museum present: CINEMA UNBOUND DRIVE IN THEATER

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August - September, 2020

Zidell Yards 

The Northwest Film Center and Portland Art Museum are creatively collaborating during these socially-distanced times to connect with audiences and bring innovative film and new media exhibitions to our community. The Cinema Unbound Drive-In at Zidell Yards, running August 6-September 27, 2020, welcomes guests to safely gather and experience the power that truly radical and entertaining cinematic storytelling can bring. This will be the first of many ways to change the archaic paradigm of what cinema can — and will — be.

The Drive-In was created in our post-COVID world as a way to gather, untether and dissolve implied boundaries, wrap our arms around and uplift cinema — and each other — in all our many forms. When we are unbound we are open to seeing stories from different places, people, and perspectives. Blending cinema classics, indie favorites, new releases, non-fiction, animation, and art across genres and styles speaks to the unboundedness of where we’re headed next. 

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