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DEC 202028

Christmas Sing A Long with
Michael Allen Harrison
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6200 SW Virginia Ave
Portland, Or 97239


Christmas Sing-A-Long with Michael Allen Harrison - (30 mins)

Monday, December 28th, 2020

Time:  12 pm (48 hour Period)

Website:  Michael Allen Harrison

Join Michael at home around him and his piano for a sing-a-long of all of your holiday favorites!

The words will be scrolling on the screen so you can follow them easily!!!

Ad-Ons - (Add-In Your Cart) When Purchasing Tickets

30th Anniversary Christmas At The Old Church CD - $14.95

The 30th Anniversary Christmas at the Old Church CD will include all of the songs from the TV Special.
30th Anniversary Commemorative Ornament - $19.95
Add that extra special memory to your tree this year… a great gift for The Old Church Fans!!!
30th Annivesary Holiday Package (CD & Ornament) - $39.95
Support The Holiday Musician Fund 
Help to support Michael’s cast and colleagues that have been out of work this year and especially this holiday season. Many musicians have been hit hard and they need our help!

Streaming instructions are located on the bottom portion of your ticket, and an email reminder will be sent on the day of purchase.  
All Ages.  Tickets Non-Refundable. 

Stream - $9.95

Add Ons  - (add in your cart)

30th Anniversary Christmas At The Old Church CD - $14.95

30th Anniversary Commemorative Ornament - $19.95

30th Anniversary Holiday Package (CD & Ornament) - $39.95