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Level Eater Portland

Saturday, October 5th, 2019

Doors open: 7pm
Event begins: 8pm

Doors open at 7pm! Play starts promptly at 8pm!

Level Eater returns to Portland with an unofficial, epic Dungeons & Dragons gaming experience that combines individual heroics into a cooperative fantasy quest. Art, food, and games combine at Halfling Studios to conjure an adventure you won't forget. And it’s a fundraiser for MyMusicRx and the Children’s Cancer Association! Do good by playing Dungeons & Dragons for charity!

Every table plays the same adventure at the same time. Every table contributes to a massive group effort to confront a great threat to the realm of Greenmoss. What happens at your table impacts the outcome for everyone!

General Ticket List. Your general ticket gets you a seat, a ready-to-play character, dinner, and more! Use the table letters to coordinate your ticket purchase with your friends. ("Hey, Samwise, we're playing at Table H, join us!") We reserve the right to rearrange and combine tables as needed. Tables A through L await general-ticket players and feature great Dungeon Masters!

VIP Ticket List. Get your VIP tickets now to play with a celebrated participant as DM or player! Players at VIP tables get a seat, a character to play, bonus gifts, and dinner from the Portland gaming gourmets, Orcs! Orcs! Orcs!

1. VIP Table One: With DM Christopher Perkins (x5 tickets)
2. VIP Table Two: With DM Kate Welch (x5 tickets)
3. VIP Table Three: With DM Keith Baker (x5 tickets)
4. VIP Table Four: With DM Jennifer Kretchmer (x5 tickets)
5. VIP Table Five: Play alongside Chris Funk of The Decemberists (x4 tickets)

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Tickets are Non-Refundable

Level Eater Portland

Date / time Sat, October 5, 2019 Event begins: 7:30 pm Buy Tickets

Venue info Halfling Studios at NM Bodecker Foundation 2360 Northwest Quimby Street
Portland, OR, 97210

Online tickets-sales for this show are closed.