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OCT 20194

Level Eater Portland
Green Heroics Night Halfling Studios at NM Bodecker Foundation

DOORS OPEN: 6:30 pm

Online tickets-sales for this show are closed at this time. If tickets are provided at the door, arrive at the venue before the show.

Venue Information

Halfling Studios at NM Bodecker Foundation

2360 Northwest Quimby Street
Portland, OR 97210


Level Eater Portland - GREEN HEROICS NIGHTS

Friday, October 4th, 2019

Doors open: 6:30pm
Event begins: 7:00pm

Get ready for Level Eater’s main event by getting to know the game! If you’re a new comer to Dungeons & Dragons, if you’re an experienced adventurer, if you’re any- where in between — this is for you!

Friday, October 4th 2019, from 7pm until about 10:30pm, Level Eater Adventures offers a slew of Dungeons & Dragons activities for new and experienced players alike!

And, as part of Level Eater Portland, your ticket benefits MyMusicRx and the Children’s Cancer Association. Be heroic. Play D&D.

Note that the following activities are concurrent! Pick only one.

Character Creation Tickets. Learn how to create a great and compelling Dungeons & Dragons character in our workshop! We’ll guide you through the Player’s Handbook, find the right character class for your tastes, and develop your character into a personality that you’re excited to play and portray. If you want, you can level-up your character to play them in the main Level Eater event on October 5th! You even get a rare Level Eater character journal to keep your character in!

Learn-to-DM Tickets. Learn by doing! At a table with other up-and-coming Dungeon Masters, guided by one of our Level Eater experts, you learn techniques for running D&D games yourself — in actual play! Our structured format helps you to learn the ropes and talk shop by running and playing D&D encounters set in our own realm of Greenmoss. Along the way, get advice from other DMs. It’s easier than you think!

Stand-Alone Introductory Adventure. Just want to play? Our introductory one-shot scenario in Greenmoss awaits! Pick a ready-made D&D character and venture into the Green City for a fun, custom-made adventure! Get to know Greenmoss and the game — for charity!

We reserve the right to combine and rearrange tables as needed.

See leveleater.com for details.

All tickets are Non-Refundable

Online tickets-sales for this show are closed.