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Piece of Peace Concert Unitarian Fellowship of Corvallis

DOORS OPEN: 7:00 pm

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Venue Information

Unitarian Fellowship of Corvallis

2945 NW Circle Blvd
Corvallis, Oregon 97330



Piece of Peace Concert

Monday, May 13th, 2019

Doors open: 7:00pm
Event begins: 7:30pm

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Internationally renowned masters of the Oud, Violin and hand drums, will amaze you with the rhythms and beauty of the music.

We are incredibly fortunate to have 2 world renowned masters coming to Corvallis! They bring a detailed tapestry of middle eastern rhythm, accented with Yemenite and Iraqi overtones, and spiritual melodies to take you back to the desert.

Travel back in time to see Yair Dalal and Dror Sinai, performing their Piece of  Peace concert at the Unitarian Church in Corvallis!

Yair Dalal was born in Israel in 1955, though his parents were Iraqis who had immigrated to Israel the year before. Growing up, he was exposed to many different kinds of music, and studied violin at Givatayim Conservatory, just east of Tel Aviv. Though he was influenced by Iraqi folk music, he was also interested in Western rock. In his early twenties, he started played the oud. In his thirties, he lived on Kibbutz Samar, on the southern tip of the Arava Desert, and started playing music with the Bedouin tribe Azazme. His experience playing music with Bedouin tribes helped him find the identity he has today, and inspired him to write music that bridges the gap between Israelis and Arabs. His musical style is now influenced by European classical, jazz, blues and Arab music. He describes it as, “It is Arabic, it is Iraqi, it is Jewish, and Israeli.” Nowadays, when he performs, he often wears a loose white robe or long jacket, with a cloth draped over his shoulder like a prayer shawl. He says this shows his heritage and spirituality without being orthodox or overly religious. He also believes in the emotional and transformative power of music.

Dror Sinai is an international performer, educator, and performing artist, as well as the Founder of RHYTHM FUSION, Inc. in Santa Cruz, California. In 2002, he received the Gail Rich award for supporting the arts, and is a founding member of the World Music Committee for the Percussive Arts Society. Dror has performed as a solo artist and has appeared in ensembles of many different musical styles, with other talented artists, including Yair Dalal, Omar FarukTekbilek, Yuval Ron, Alessandra Belloni… etc. Dror also curated the Israeli Musical Instruments exhibit at the MIM-Musical Instruments Museum. Dror loves to share his joy of music with all people. His expertise and his warm, joyful approach will help put music-lovers of every experience-level at ease, inspiring a path to musical expression…

“Rhythm is all around us, in everything we see, we touch, we breathe…  With rhythm, we shall achieve better communication and understanding among ourselves and all people: all people as one.”  ~ Dror Sinai

Activism and Cultural Heritage

Among his many efforts to promote peace between Arabs and Israelis, Dalal has created a “Concert for Peace,” and written an album entitled “Inshallah Shalom,” which loosely translates to “God willing there shall be peace.” He has toured with a band of Palestinian musicians, but when the second intifada started, they were forbidden to travel together. The album they recorded features a cover of The Beatles “We Can Work it Out.” He also believes strongly in his passion for playing the oud. He curated the 2001 Oud Festival in Jerusalem, and says, “Oud music is a bonding factor... this is the music which Jews and Arabs grew up on together.

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