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SEP 201525

Mercy Killers Very Little Theatre

DOORS OPEN: 6:30 pm

Online tickets-sales for this show are closed at this time. If tickets are provided at the door, arrive at the venue before the show.

Venue Information

Very Little Theatre

2350 Hilyard St.
Eugene, OR 97405


Sept 25th, 2015

Doors open: 6:30pm
Event begins: 7:30pm

Written and performed by Michael Milligan. Directed and produced by Tom Oppenheim. Mercy Killers is an emotional journey of a man who fights for his wife's life using every resource, personal and otherwise that he can muster. Joe is a blue-collar mechanic with a red state perspective. Caught in a life and death struggle with the health care system, Joe finds the bedrock of his life, marriage, and self-identity shifting under him.

The show is presented by Health Care for All Oregon (HCAO) and co-sponsored by Encircle Films.

All proceeds benefit HCAO.

Tickets Non Refundable

Online tickets-sales for this show are closed.